do you want to make excellent feed pellets for your animals?

First, the upper magnetic outlet needs cleaning every time before using the feed pellet mill, if not, the rust may access the ding die, and further influences the quality of the pellet.
Second, examine the wear of the flat die and expression roller. if The roller is worn, it will affect the production capacity; and if the small feed pellet mill flat die is worn out, its thickness is obviously reducing, which can cause the quality of the pellet.
Third, in order to ensure the compression roller work normally, the roller should be added lubricating oil timely.
Forth, examining whether the backlog exists inside the cooling processer, examine whether the cooling plate and screen are damaged.
Fifth, the roller of the crusher should be examined timely, if the gears of the roller become dull, the crusher capacity will be lower, so it can directly influence the pellet rigidity.
Sixth, paying attention to the slicer, if more dull, the powder of the pellet will increase.
Seventh, in order to guarantee the fine steam get into the processor, we should examine the separator, or it can influence the granules.
Eighth, when exchanging the fodders, we should examine whether the finished pellet cabin is empty to avoid mixture pellet.



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animal feed pellet mill for making chicken feed, pig feed,and so on for your poultry farm

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