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flat die pellet mill manufacturer
just like we all know, the original design of flat die pellet mill is used for making animal feed pellet like chicken feed,pig feed,rabbit feed, But as pellet mill manufacturer, we improved our chicken feed pellet mill,our flat die pellet mill can process wood sawdust, straw, different kinds of stalks, grass, etc. Whether it should add some binder into the material or not, it depends on the raw material. But during our several times test, if adding some binder into the material, the appearance of final pellets will become bright.
flat die pellet mill

As one kind of renewable energy machinery which can process wood sawdust, wood lump and other agro-waste materials, our  flat die pellet mill is very popular for farmers who feed large quantity of animals in China. the flat die pellet mill features cheap price, low consumption, high capacity etc.

During the process of pelletizing, the temperature of wood pellet making machine can reach about 70-80 degree, which can make materials into paste. Because lignin in plants is indigestible by animal enzymes, the cooking process can decompose the lignin. So the pellets after cooked will be not easy to go moldy and degenerative, thus the pellets can be stored for a longger time. At the same time, the flat die pellet mill can improve the dainty and assimilation function of animal feedstuff. To pelletizing the animal feedstuff by the animal feed pellet mill can shorten the period of feeding, which make feeding more efficiently and lower users’ productive cost.



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animal feed pellet mill for making chicken feed, pig feed,and so on for your poultry farm

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