flat die wood pellet machine for making wood pellet with small scale

 For using this flat die pellet mill, we got some feedback from our customers. They obtained some experience when they use this wood pellet machine to produce wood pellet. Hope it is helpful for you:

1)water content required: Best moisture is 6--10%% for all materials
2) The temperature is constant about 90-95'C, you have to take over the pellet just coming out from this
pellet press and cool it before touching it by hand.

Furthermore, as a pellet mill manufacturer,we have improved our wood pellet machine more suitable to produce wood pellet after absorbing & digesting the feedback from our customers. In general, they're as follows:

1) Special raw material of the main parts such as roller, template, matrix, prolongs the life longer than other similar products in China when process wood pellet after this modification.
2) Modify the whole in the matrix to improve performance of the machines and make it easier to process products.
working principle of wood pelelt mahcine
Flat die wood pellet making machine is operated through gear driving the spindle and die. Designed in vertical type, raw materials fall down from the hopper into pelletizing chamber smoothly just because of gravity. In pelletizing chamber, wood materials are compressed into pellets between rollers and die through die holes. A sharp cutter would immediately cut the exposed pellets into regular length. The relatively low rotary speed can ensure pellets’ integrity.



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