Why Choose Wet Type Floating Fish Feed Pellet Mill

 Why Choose Wet Type Fish Feed Pellet Mill                                                                                                                                                Steam Boiler
steam boiler
According to your requirement and production scale, we can supply two types of fish feed making machine: dry type and wet type. However, what is difference and why choose the wet one? Please follow me to learn about pellet extrusion principle. Pellet extrusion is a process where the feedstuff is subject to mixing and heating under high pressure before being forced through a die mould. The feed constituents undergo transformations during the processing that can be beneficial as they are fully cooked and the nutritional value is improved. A temperature higher than 100 ℃ is needed in order to achieve expansion of the feed as it leaves the die. Extrusion temperature is usually a targeted value obtained through steam added in the pre-conditioner. Our wet type fish feed extruder machine is connect to a boiler which can continuously provide steam to the conditioner.
Wet Type Fish Feed Mill Application
◆ Make high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc.
◆ Ideal for making pet food for dogs, cats, etc.
◆ First choice of fish feed pellets manufacturers.
floating fish food processing
fish food
pet dog food
The Features of Wet Type Fish Pellet Pellet Press
1. You can change different molds to make pellets with different diameters.
2. The puffing fish feed pellets can float on the water surface without dissolution for over 12 hours.
3. The fish feed pellet size can be from 0.9-15mm to feed different size fishes.                                                                                                              
4. The spare parts like screw, barrel of wet type will be less damaged than dry type.
5. The feed pellet made by wet type fish
feed pellet mill is more smooth and with better quality. 
6. High temperature and high pressure process can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections and also makes the pellets easily to digest.
◆ Our fish feed extruder is of single screw design.
◆ The pellets extruded from such
animal feed pellet mill is about 80℃ and moisture content is 18%-20%, so you should equip a dryer and cooler if the capacity is more than 500kg/h. While for small capacity, you can dry them in the sun.
◆ We provide technical formula for making floating fish feed pellets after placing order.
◆ We send extra easy wear parts for free including two sleeves, one screw, one cutting knife and three die moulds.

Dry Type or Wet Type, Which Fish Feed Pellet Machine is Suitable For You?

 Fish Feed Pellet Machine Introduction
we are in designing and manufacturing
fish feed making machine. We have two types fish feed pellets extruder: Dry Type Fish Feed Pellet Machine and Wet Type Fish Feed Pellet Machine. According to your requirement, you can choose to produce floating fish feed pellets or sinking feed pellets. Amisy feed pellet extruder can produce animal feed pellets with diameter from 1-15mm, applicable to produce pet food, fish feed pellets, shrimp feed and other animal feed pellets.
Why Choose Puffing Fish Feed Pellet Machine
1. This
animal feed pellet mill can make various grain waste into animal feed pellets with rich nutrition and easy digestion. 
2. Not only for making fish feed pellets, but also suitable for making feed pellets for dog, cat, bird, rabbit, fox, etc.
3. Popular with animal breeders, medium sized feed stuff factory.
4. Feed pellets produced by victor
feed pellet mill are of smooth surface, floating more than 12 hours.
Dry Type or Wet Type, Which Fish Feed Pellet Machine is Suitable For You?
The highlight difference between the two type puffing feed pellet machines are whether equipped with conditioner which is used to connect steam boiler, that is also to say, wet type need to install a steam boiler, while the dry type one doesn't need it. The other difference is the capacity, take DSP60 for example, the capacity of dry type fish feed pellet machine is 0.12-0.15t/h, while the wet one is of 0.18-0.20 t/h. So considering the two factors, you'd better choose the most cost-effective machine. If you have any other question, please chat on-line, leave us a message or send email.
A. Dry Type Fish Feed Pellet Machine Features
1. Easy operation, installation and maintenance. Material directly entering the pressing chamber, through high press pelletized, speedy screw push and high temperature, are made into puffing feed pellets.
2. Suitable for small size feed stuff factory or home use.
B. Wet Type Fish Feed Pellet Machine Features
1. Equipped with conditioner. The materials are fully mixed and cooked.
2. Need to install a steam boiler to connect with conditioner.
3. Feed pellets are more smooth and easy to digest.
4. Low lubrication of screw shaft and pressing chamber.

Our high quality flat die feed pellet mill can make good feed pellets with smooth surface and appropriate hardness

The applications of feed pellets have greatly developed in recent decades' years. They are easy to transport, more tasty for animals. After well processed, the feed pellets are clean and convenient for the feedlot. Our high quality flat die feed pellet mill can make good feed pellets with smooth surface and appropriate hardness, and it is the best choice for feedstuff production.
Diesel Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill Introduction
Diesel Feed
Flat Die Pellet Mill is designed for small-scale production, particularly for homeowners and small-scale producers to make pellets for animal feed pellets. The model has outstanding advantages of simple structure, low consumption and competitive price. Driven by a diesel engine, the diesel animal feed pellet mill can run smoothly and with few noises, especially popular in the electricity lacking areas.
Diesel Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill Unique Features
1. Driven by a diesel engine makes feed pellets production available in the rural area with shortage supply of electricity. 
2. Equipped with the clutch and accelerating-decelerating device to change its speed.
3. Visible chamber design makes the pelleting process clear and visible, so it is convenient to solve problems in time.
4. Adopt screw-center adjusting pressure structure which makes flat die pellet mill more practical.
5. Simple structure, low consumption, easy operation and maintenance. 
6. Can make different feed pellets to meet different customers’ requirements.
7. With adjustable compression rate, the flat die pellet mill can meet different pelletizing requirements and is available to press coarse materials. 
8. Widely used in small aquaculture, grain feed factory, farm, poultry farm, as well as individual farmers.
Diesel Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill Application
* Diesel flat die feed pellet mill is especially applicable to the owners of small feed-processing factory and farm-holders to process the feed for rabbits, chicken, pig, sheep and so on. 
* With Diesel flat die pellet mill you can make bedding pellets for animal stalls from cardboard.
poultry breeding industry

Pellets-making Procedure with Diesel Pellet Mill
1.Raw materials need to be crushed and dried.
2.Then mix the main material and many other subsidiary materials evenly.
3. Put the grain powder into the chamber, then the roller presses the powder through the holes in the die to form pellets meanwhile a cutter in the other side of the die cuts the pellets that has been pressed out from the holes.
4. Make sure the pellets are cooled before the storage.
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