choose a best pellet mill manufacturer for making wood pellets

There are various kinds of pellet mills on market with different size and bands, to find good wood pellet mill manufacture, you need to do better research on consider of price ,purpose and its size. If you do not want to start a large corporation that produces wood pellets, you can just access small sized equipment that is specially suited to farmers in small scale farming. By contrast, if your company is running a wood pellet plant or feed pellet plant in large scale, the large scale is without any doubt, your best choice.

we, as a professional
pellet mill manufacturer, supply you best qualified pellet mill for processing wood and feed

Our Flat Die Pellet Mill is one kind of small pelleting machine to make wood pellet which is suitable to the family need.

Due to the great variety of input products and the different plant sizes available, we introduce the small flat pellet press according to the requirement of the customer considering the capacity and the local conditions.

our flat die wood pellet mill can make full use of your biomass waste. In the past you may just throw them away. But now, with biomass pellet mill, you can turn waste into treasure!

You won’t worry about your fuel cost anymore! You might be quite clear that heating the home for a whole winter can cost a great sum of money if you use electricity. Even if you use raw wood, it cannot be fully used, since wood always can’t burn completely. However, if made into pellets, the pellets can combust perfectly in the stove, and you don’t need to worry about harmful air polluting gases!
Our pellet mill machines are highly efficient. Every part is made by high quality materials and processed by advanced equipments and technology. You won’t worry about its service life. You buy a biomass pellet machine and you can use it for years!

CE_Approved_flat_die_wood_pellet_making.jpg small wood pellet machine

flat die wood pellet machine for making wood pellet with small scale

 For using this flat die pellet mill, we got some feedback from our customers. They obtained some experience when they use this wood pellet machine to produce wood pellet. Hope it is helpful for you:

1)water content required: Best moisture is 6--10%% for all materials
2) The temperature is constant about 90-95'C, you have to take over the pellet just coming out from this
pellet press and cool it before touching it by hand.

Furthermore, as a pellet mill manufacturer,we have improved our wood pellet machine more suitable to produce wood pellet after absorbing & digesting the feedback from our customers. In general, they're as follows:

1) Special raw material of the main parts such as roller, template, matrix, prolongs the life longer than other similar products in China when process wood pellet after this modification.
2) Modify the whole in the matrix to improve performance of the machines and make it easier to process products.
working principle of wood pelelt mahcine
Flat die wood pellet making machine is operated through gear driving the spindle and die. Designed in vertical type, raw materials fall down from the hopper into pelletizing chamber smoothly just because of gravity. In pelletizing chamber, wood materials are compressed into pellets between rollers and die through die holes. A sharp cutter would immediately cut the exposed pellets into regular length. The relatively low rotary speed can ensure pellets’ integrity.

wood pellet making machine makes 2--8mm fuel pellet for pellets stove

   1.Wood pellet making machine can make 2-8mm animal feed,biomass and wood pellets from biomass or other waste materials,such as sawdust,rice husk, 
agricultural stalk,straw,peanut shell,sun flower,paper,plastic,grain, soybean,maize, 
animal manure and so on.The length of the pellets can be adjust by the knife in the machine.
     2.Wood pellet making machine the part of heart is used of molder and parallel roller assemble, which the parallel roller 
assemble stationary, mold moving, relying between the mold and the pressure roller 
extrusion manufacturing pellets.
    3.When using the wood pellet mill machine,in order to ensure the pellets to better shape,raw materials' moisture is
best keep between15%-20%,the powder of the raw materials' dimension should be control in 3-5mm.  
pellet mill make the fullest use of natural resources,which can make all kinds of solid grain

into small pellet feed for animals like chicken, rabbit, horses, goats, etc.

The wood pelletizer can be used for heat daily or mixed fodder by corn, beans, straw, grass meal,

sawdust etc.


what benefits of raising your sheep and chicken with balanced nutrition pellet feed

 First, Balanced nutrition pelleted feed to raise your sheep and chicken has much of benefits
feed pellets is adopted scientific formula based on the nutrition needs of sheep at different growth stages and the nutrition value of feed ingredients, mix a variety of grains evenly and pelletize by special devices.the finished pelleted feed produced by a home use pellet mill owns balanced nutrition and can avoid sheep picky about feeds. Feed pellets can increase the reproduction and growth of probiotics in the body, promote the full absorption of nutrients, improve the efficiency of feed utilization and effectively solve the problem of nutrition supply in nutrition negative balance period (winter).
Second, Increase rumen function and effectively prevent digestive tract disease.
Sheep feed pellets made by a 
pellet mill can ensure the normal rumination, greatly reduce the energy consumption of the ruminating activity, control the pH value of rumen between 6.4 and 6.8 which can promote the rumen microbial activity and the protein synthesis so as to avoid the occurrence of ruminal acidosis and other related diseases. 
Third, Increase the growth speed and shorten the sheep inventory cycle.
Precisely making nutritional feed pellet formula based on the nutrition needs of sheep at different growth stages can greatly increase the daily weight gain.


you need to crush your raw material before pelletizing

 9FQ series hammer mill is used to crush fresh/dry sweet potato,
straw, husk, wheat, corn, beans and etc, which is also suitable for crush other materials  The main features and performance are all stick 
to national standard, with its simple structure, easy operation, high efficiency, low consume, 
it is quite popular in China and all around the is usually used together with a
pellet mill to process animal feed pellets or wood pellets for cooking fuel

about feed pellet machine

1. animal feed pellet mill, the production process in the machinery

itself under pressure, make feed starch occurrence of a certain degree of maturation role,

to produce a concentrated flavor and feed hard texture, in line with the biological

characteristics of the pig, cattle, sheep, rodents gnawing, improved feed palatability,

increase the intake of the animals.

2.the particle formation process enables the grain,

legume trypsin boycott factor degeneration, reduce adverse effects on the digestion,

can kill the parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, reducing the variety of

parasitic diseases and digestive tract system diseases.

advantages of pellet machine


1)the feed pellet mill for dog,pig,duck,chicken,cattle, fowl, Goose/automatic floating fish feed pellet machine/singled screw floating fish feed pellet machine/sinking and floating fish feed pelleting machine.

2)Our pellet press machine is for pressing all kinds of biomass material to be solid pellets which is for burning fuel or animal feeding. Its ideal pellet press for personal,familly and small plants due to easy operation and maintenance.


electric pellet mill and diesel pellet mill,which one do you want?

  The pellet mill is applied to the materials with low adhesiveness and low shaping, such as the rice husk, 

sunflower seed husk, peanut shell and other fruit shell, ash and other chemical materials.this type of pellet mill is widely used in the biomass-pellet making machine is the ideal pressing shaping equipments with low investment and high profit.

features of such a pellet mill

1. The wood pelletizer can be driven by both diesel engine and electricity motor. We adopt the new design of direct Connection of motor shaft and the main shaft that overcome the loose defect of belt connecting as long time Using.



2. The diesel eingine with the clutch and accelerating-decelerating device to change its speed. the pellet mill is still for the belt to drive the main shaft.



3. The eletric feed pellet machine can run smoothly with low noises. This pellet mill machine is situable for making  oil cake for poultry which could be granule/pellet for the fish, chicken.


about us


animal feed pellet mill for making chicken feed, pig feed,and so on for your poultry farm

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