characteristics of flat die feed pellet mill

This flat die animal feed pellet mill is an original machine for pellet feed which has introduced special technology. This pellet mill machine is equipped with high quality die and rollers and has advanced technology. For driving system we use gear driving, which is of little space occupation, uniform stress, simple structure and easy operation. Users can change motor and die to meet the needs of different production capacities and specs, thereby obtains ideal technology and economy effect

The characteristics of the machine:

1. Feed processing by the models, the temperature rise moderately well keep raw material of various trace elements, palatable, animal feed, in favor of digestion and absorption of various nutrients.

2. Particle constituents of uniform, uniformity, the surface is smooth, diameter can transform between 1.5-6mm (die) needs to be replaced, length can be adjusted between 5-20mm, and the particle density, for easy storage and transport, suitable for a variety of cultural objects in different period of need.

3. Processing fish feed energy remains in the water for extended periods of time, improving the utilization of the feed.
feed pellet mill for sale price has competitive price
4.The die and rollers of the flat die feed pellet mill machine is adopted best steel and hot quenched to improve use life by 3-5 times.This feed pelletizer is easier to clean than the ring die pellet machine.easy to change die and roller faster. Small and lightweight, which makes small-scale production possible.Visibilityto viewing the material during pelletization is the best way to fix problems


animal feed pellet mill

The chicken animal feed pellet mill is mainly used for making crude fiber materials into small fine feed pellets. The materials can be corn powder, grain powder, crushed straw and grass, rice husk,wheat bran,oil cake,fish bone powder and so on, especially low-bonding and unformed materials. this pellet mill may also be applicable to biological fertilizer,making organic manure pellets as well as fertilizer for low-temperature granulation.
The animal feed pellet mill accepts the dry materials(The moisture of raw materials is not less than the national standard of 13% ).

animal feed Pellet mill features:

1,The key parts are made of alloy steel to be very strong and malleable.

2,the flat die feed pellet mill is widely used in pelletizing for wood, straw and rice hull and other biomass sources.

3,The important key elements are of high performance with long life and low maintenance cost.

4,flat die is made with international advanced equipment for long lifespan.

5,Drive with heavy-duty gearbox, which can produce continuously in most adverse condition.

pay attetion to small pellet mill when buying

in nowadays, many people have a poultry farm or feed some chickens at home.they dont need a big scale production pellet equipment.usually a small pellet mill can mostly meet their demand.then when we choose a small feed pellet mill what should we pay attention to?

Firstly, the simple design of the flat die animal feed pellet mill are occupied very much less space than ring die pellet mill. such small pellet machine can be transported very conveniently and more flexible to small scale pellets production plant.
Secondly, pelletizing process is visibility for flat die 
feed pellet making machine. through viewing whole pelleting process within the chamber you'll discover accurately what the genuine trouble is and solve it quickly whenever problems happen.
Thirdly, Flat die pellet mill can be driven by electricity motor also can be driven by diesel engine motor. You can have double choice as per your local electricity condition. If you’re going to choose electric flat die pellet press, make sure you have enough power capacity in the pelletizing location. 
hope our small
multifuncational pellet mill can help you to make your own good pellets and meet your demand.

Key functions of pellet mill mainly reflects in the following aspects.
1. this flat die pellet press Can adapt to different components of raw materials and different requirements of finished pellets.
2. The electricity consumption of pelleting  has a greater advantage.
3. The pellet mill runs smoothly, safely and reliably,sanitary and low breakdown rate of sealing,the easily damaged parts like rollers and flat die have long useful life, easy operation and convenient maintenance

feed pellet mill tipes for making homemade pellets

feed pellet mill is developed earlier than ring die pellet machine.but flat die pellet mill machine has high cost performance for home use or samll poultry farm. except making animal feed pellets,this feed pellet mill can also make fuel pellets for house heating or cooking using wood chips,wood sawdust,and other organic waste.and at the beginning of the development of flat die home use pellet mill equipment is mainly for making animal feeds.
Flat die home use mini pellet press is easy to clean because it can be access to the pelleting chamber in a short time that we can save a lot of time in change the die or the roller when they are worn. it can be driven by electricity but also can be driven by diesel engine .The design of the
diesel animal feed pellet mill also decides that it is more suitable in small-scale pellet production especially produce soft raw material. Ring die pellet mill will not cause uneven die and roller wearing, which indicates that the cost in maintain and repair roller and ring die are considered lower. The other advantage is ring die pellet mill is more energy efficient.However,what difference is there between them? and how do we choose when we buy pellet mills?welcome to contact us for your concerns.
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do you want to make excellent feed pellets for your animals?

First, the upper magnetic outlet needs cleaning every time before using the feed pellet mill, if not, the rust may access the ding die, and further influences the quality of the pellet.
Second, examine the wear of the flat die and expression roller. if The roller is worn, it will affect the production capacity; and if the small feed pellet mill flat die is worn out, its thickness is obviously reducing, which can cause the quality of the pellet.
Third, in order to ensure the compression roller work normally, the roller should be added lubricating oil timely.
Forth, examining whether the backlog exists inside the cooling processer, examine whether the cooling plate and screen are damaged.
Fifth, the roller of the crusher should be examined timely, if the gears of the roller become dull, the crusher capacity will be lower, so it can directly influence the pellet rigidity.
Sixth, paying attention to the slicer, if more dull, the powder of the pellet will increase.
Seventh, in order to guarantee the fine steam get into the processor, we should examine the separator, or it can influence the granules.
Eighth, when exchanging the fodders, we should examine whether the finished pellet cabin is empty to avoid mixture pellet.

diesel animal feed pellet mill for electricity lack

Diesel operated animal feed pellet mill is driven by a diesel engine,which best suitable for the area of lacking of electricity, together with gearbox to change its speed. This diesel type feed pellet press can run smoothly with little noise and is especially popular in the electricity lacking areas. Diesel feed pellet mill is capable to process corn, wheat, grass powder, straw powder,etc into feed pellets for rabbits, chicken, sheep, fish, shrimp and so on. It is especially applicable to medium or small size feed-process factory and farm-holders;
diesel animal feed pellet mill
process of making animal feed
Flat die diesel feed pellet making millworks on a vertical design and raw materials are fed by gravity to the machine. Feedstocks fall from feeder to pelleting zone, a roller naturally presses the powder through the holes in the die. A cutter on the other side cuts the exposed pellet free from the die and can also adjust the pellet length
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animal feed pellet mill for making chicken feed, pig feed,and so on for your poultry farm

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