cow feed making machine turning corn meal,wheat meal into feed pellets

 This kind cow feed making machine can process more kinds of sawdust, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, hulls, forestry wastes, corn meal,wheat meal and so on, chemical waste and many other wastes or solid powder materials. The raw material is under dried condition, which is compressed and formed into small eraser-sized bits, the final pellets is clean, pleasant and smooth, and its density is more than 1.0.Flat die pellet mill is improved on the basis of organic granulator, solve the organic fertilizer not easy to granular. The flat die poultry feed machinery have many characteristic, scush as simple structure, reasonable design, partickes easy dry and content is low, etc. The flat die animal feed machinery not only use for production fertilizer pellet, also can use for to production animal feed pellet and wood, pelelt, to achive the effect of mult-usage.
The animal feed flat die pellet machine can produce animal feed,organic-inorganic mixed fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer; the pellets produced are even, smooth, full, strong and with high fluidity.The final pellet is cylinder shape and diameter is generally 3-8mm; the pellet length can be changed through the knife inside the pelletizer presses.

what advantages of cow feed making machine

1). 9KJ series flat die cow feed making machine can produce flat-mode suppression of biomass particles.

2). Our feed making machine using cold forming technology and cosmetic polishing has beautiful appearance and compact structure.

3). the cow feed making machine has high output,low energy consumption ,low noise low failure ,

4). The whole feed making machine uses a special high quality materials and advanced with shaft drive,the key components of high quality alloy steel plus wear-resistance material

electric pellet mill and diesel pellet mill,which one do you want?

  The pellet mill is applied to the materials with low adhesiveness and low shaping, such as the rice husk, 

sunflower seed husk, peanut shell and other fruit shell, ash and other chemical materials.this type of pellet mill is widely used in the biomass-pellet making machine is the ideal pressing shaping equipments with low investment and high profit.

features of such a pellet mill

1. The wood pelletizer can be driven by both diesel engine and electricity motor. We adopt the new design of direct Connection of motor shaft and the main shaft that overcome the loose defect of belt connecting as long time Using.



2. The diesel eingine with the clutch and accelerating-decelerating device to change its speed. the pellet mill is still for the belt to drive the main shaft.



3. The eletric feed pellet machine can run smoothly with low noises. This pellet mill machine is situable for making  oil cake for poultry which could be granule/pellet for the fish, chicken.


characteristics of flat die feed pellet mill

This flat die animal feed pellet mill is an original machine for pellet feed which has introduced special technology. This pellet mill machine is equipped with high quality die and rollers and has advanced technology. For driving system we use gear driving, which is of little space occupation, uniform stress, simple structure and easy operation. Users can change motor and die to meet the needs of different production capacities and specs, thereby obtains ideal technology and economy effect

The characteristics of the machine:

1. Feed processing by the models, the temperature rise moderately well keep raw material of various trace elements, palatable, animal feed, in favor of digestion and absorption of various nutrients.

2. Particle constituents of uniform, uniformity, the surface is smooth, diameter can transform between 1.5-6mm (die) needs to be replaced, length can be adjusted between 5-20mm, and the particle density, for easy storage and transport, suitable for a variety of cultural objects in different period of need.

3. Processing fish feed energy remains in the water for extended periods of time, improving the utilization of the feed.
feed pellet mill for sale price has competitive price
4.The die and rollers of the flat die feed pellet mill machine is adopted best steel and hot quenched to improve use life by 3-5 times.This feed pelletizer is easier to clean than the ring die pellet machine.easy to change die and roller faster. Small and lightweight, which makes small-scale production possible.Visibilityto viewing the material during pelletization is the best way to fix problems


pay attetion to small pellet mill when buying

in nowadays, many people have a poultry farm or feed some chickens at home.they dont need a big scale production pellet equipment.usually a small pellet mill can mostly meet their demand.then when we choose a small feed pellet mill what should we pay attention to?

Firstly, the simple design of the flat die animal feed pellet mill are occupied very much less space than ring die pellet mill. such small pellet machine can be transported very conveniently and more flexible to small scale pellets production plant.
Secondly, pelletizing process is visibility for flat die 
feed pellet making machine. through viewing whole pelleting process within the chamber you'll discover accurately what the genuine trouble is and solve it quickly whenever problems happen.
Thirdly, Flat die pellet mill can be driven by electricity motor also can be driven by diesel engine motor. You can have double choice as per your local electricity condition. If you’re going to choose electric flat die pellet press, make sure you have enough power capacity in the pelletizing location. 
hope our small
multifuncational pellet mill can help you to make your own good pellets and meet your demand.

Key functions of pellet mill mainly reflects in the following aspects.
1. this flat die pellet press Can adapt to different components of raw materials and different requirements of finished pellets.
2. The electricity consumption of pelleting  has a greater advantage.
3. The pellet mill runs smoothly, safely and reliably,sanitary and low breakdown rate of sealing,the easily damaged parts like rollers and flat die have long useful life, easy operation and convenient maintenance

trustable flat die pellet mill manufacturer from china

flat die pellet mill manufacturer
just like we all know, the original design of flat die pellet mill is used for making animal feed pellet like chicken feed,pig feed,rabbit feed, But as pellet mill manufacturer, we improved our chicken feed pellet mill,our flat die pellet mill can process wood sawdust, straw, different kinds of stalks, grass, etc. Whether it should add some binder into the material or not, it depends on the raw material. But during our several times test, if adding some binder into the material, the appearance of final pellets will become bright.
flat die pellet mill

As one kind of renewable energy machinery which can process wood sawdust, wood lump and other agro-waste materials, our  flat die pellet mill is very popular for farmers who feed large quantity of animals in China. the flat die pellet mill features cheap price, low consumption, high capacity etc.

During the process of pelletizing, the temperature of wood pellet making machine can reach about 70-80 degree, which can make materials into paste. Because lignin in plants is indigestible by animal enzymes, the cooking process can decompose the lignin. So the pellets after cooked will be not easy to go moldy and degenerative, thus the pellets can be stored for a longger time. At the same time, the flat die pellet mill can improve the dainty and assimilation function of animal feedstuff. To pelletizing the animal feedstuff by the animal feed pellet mill can shorten the period of feeding, which make feeding more efficiently and lower users’ productive cost.
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animal feed pellet mill for making chicken feed, pig feed,and so on for your poultry farm

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